Unique Chalk Bags for Every Climber

5 Ways to Find Your Own Unique Chalk Bag: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

A chalk bag really only has to do one thing: hold your climbing chalk. That’s a simple task, and it means that there are lots of good options available (if you’re looking for pure performance, check out our thoughts on which bags do the job best). (Chalk Bags for Climber)

There is an optional second duty for your chalk bag: making you look your absolute best. This is different for every climber — some might prefer an understated design, while others might prefer a crazy pattern or a significant piece of art.

To get your stylistic neurons firing, I picked out seven ways of finding a bag to fit your personality. A chalk bag goes with you everywhere and lasts a long time, so you may as well get one that makes you smile.

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(Chalk Bags for Climber)

1. Browse Wild Designs from Bespoke Manufacturers: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

Companies make some pretty far-out chalk bags, and if you poke around a little, you can find some gems. Two of my favorite companies are Krieg Climbing and Pure Grit Climbing. Both have an excellent roster of designs that change by season and year. They’re quality bags — my first chalk bag was from Krieg, and it’s still with me to this day. Pure Grit has even added a batch of “Holiday” chalk bags for those who can’t stop caroling around this time of year. Both companies also make a variety of other helpful products (ground tarps, bicycle saddlebags, etc.) if you’re in the market.

Honorable mentions: Homegrown, Mago, Practical Climbing, and Static. A pre-designed bag may not be strictly one-of-a-kind, but these bags are usually the most cost-effective option.

2. Get Textured: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

Sometimes, the regular fabric just won’t cut it. There are a variety of furry, fuzzy, and prickly chalk bags on the market, ranging from the cuddly to the truly wild.

Some of my favorites come from 8bplus, who assign each of their personified creations a name and a backstory. These types of bags are cute, but they may not hold up quite as well when you’re scraping up a chimney.

For uncommon durability, Tufa Climbing makes some extremely burly bags. And if the fervency of your love for chalk borders on the religious, check out Mythical Bags, which are back for a limited run of beautiful, handcrafted, spiritually inspired, and heinously expensive leather bags. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

3. Go Colorful: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

If none of the above designs or textures are doing it for you, there’s an easy way to get started on your own. Mammut now sells a chalk bag called the “Stitch,” which starts as a blank canvas. The Stitch comes with three colored yarns and a needle, which you can use to turn the perforated surface into an artwork of your own design.

Colors are random if you order online, so find the Stitch in a store if you want a specific combo. The grid perforation lends itself to repeating patterns, but with a little creativity, you could get very elaborate. Bonus points if you can duplicate this masterpiece. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

4. Get a Custom Bag:

If you have a brilliant idea but would rather leave the stitching to the experts, consider reaching out to a bag made for a custom unit. Pure Grit and Dirtbag Climbers both take requests, and Organic Climbing makes simple color schemes easy to create on their website.

If you’re sentimental, you can even send in an old T-shirt and have it turned into a bag. The downside is that you’ll have to pay for your customization. Most makers charge a premium for special requests, and you’ll have to wait longer for your bag to be made. Still, what you’ll get is a professional product that’s entirely your own.

(Chalk Bags for Climber)

5. Check Etsy:

Etsy has become the internet hub for all things handmade, and chalk bags are no exception. A variety of makers offer bags on Etsy, and a quick search for “chalk bag” turns up thousands of results. Inspirations range from Pokemon to Star Wars to dinosaurs, and many of the prices are reasonable.

By nature, these outlets are less reliably stocked, so designs may come and go as they’re made and sold. Many Etsy sellers will also do custom work if you contact them, although again, you’d best be prepared to pay for your art. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

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Unique Chalk Bags for Every Climber: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

There are just a couple of organizations that make world-class climbing shoes and bridles, so you may discover a ton of climbers have your equivalent apparatus. However, with regards to chalk sacks, there are a TON more alternatives—you can without much of a stretch discover one to flaunt your own style. So don’t agree to the regular old brand name chalk pack. Look at 10 of our preferred special chalk packs.

1. Athletrek Rock Climbing Chalk Bag: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

(Chalk Bags for Climber)

“It’s so natural to get your hand into,” said one analyzer. The wide, inflexible opening of it makes it the most available chalk pack we tried.

Regardless of what position you’re in, the delicately decreased shape appears to control your hand straightforwardly to your chalk. I didn’t mishandle with my chalk a solitary time while wearing this sack, and therefore alone we thought that it was remarkable.

The highlights don’t end there, however. In spite of the fact that the C80 doesn’t share the special conclusion arrangement of its cousin, the drawcord framework was among the best in our test. The material within is delicate and neighborly, and the profound bin implies that you can stack up as a lot of chalk as you might require.

There are just three potential motivations to stay away from this pack. Right off the bat, the entirety of our analyzers had normal or bigger hands — if your digits are unimposing, you may not need such an enormous unit. We didn’t foresee this being an issue, however, everybody treats their rigging in an unexpected way.

Lastly, obviously, the cost. This is a sensational chalk pack, however, it costs about twice as much as most contenders. This is a commonplace Athletrek. On the off chance that you need the best pack in the business and you wouldn’t fret paying as much as possible, this is a decent competitor. In the event that you can get one at a markdown, all the better. All things considered, albeit none of the contenders were very as cleaned as the C80, there are a lot of top-notch packs accessible at much lower costs. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

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2. Sukoa Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

(Chalk Bags for Climber)

This pack is a work of art and in light of current circumstances. Sukao makes a barrel-shaped sack (the Bandi), yet the Saka’s shape is a significant resource. It’s shockingly simple to utilize, and it keeps chalk directly readily available. “It holds tight you extremely pleasant,” said one analyzer.

The material is another feature. It feels sturdy and well-developed, but on the other hand, it’s moderately delicate without being floppy. This doesn’t seem like a serious deal, yet it’s extremely pleasant to utilize, and the subtleties had a significant effect on this test. The ergonomics of the Saka are right on the money, without including anything pointless.

The main thump from our analyzers? “I wish it were only somewhat more profound,” said one. For those with bigger hands, the Sukao may not be sufficiently enormous to truly plunge into. For some, this won’t be an issue, however on the off chance that it is, look to a portion of our more profound alternatives.

In spite of the fact that this pack is well-included and has a twofold brush holder, it doesn’t have any pockets. Sukao makes an adaptation with a pocket — the Sakapoche — if that is your style. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

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3. Black Diamond MOJO ChalkBag: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

(Chalk Bags for Climber)

“Flawless” was the word overwhelmingly used to depict this chalk pack.

Also, slick it is — this pack was the just one to score an ideal 5/5 for conclusion. The turn conclusion is surprising and amazingly viable. In spite of the fact that the C80 was a nearby second, the Aperture came nearest of all to enabling zero chalk to getaway.

Sadly, the Aperture isn’t immaculate in different offices.

The opening is sufficiently wide, and the inflexible overflow makes it simple to get a turn in. At the point when expanded, however, the pack’s twistable waist makes it excessively floppy. “I didn’t feel like it guided my hand to the chalk quite well,” said one analyzer.

The floppiness additionally made a few issues on shades and falls. At the point when the sack is without hanging (as it may on a rooftop climb), the Aperture’s absence of structure made it somewhat harder to get to the chalk. The pack was likewise inclined to spilling on falls and tumbles, which is irritating.

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4. Almabner Chalk Bag: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

This pack was an unexpected most loved of our test. Not on the grounds that it’s an ideal sack — it has a couple of defects that prevented it from scoring as exceptionally as our other honor victors. Be that as it may, at the cost, the Sukoa is extraordinary.

Boss among those blemishes is the conclusion, which is just decently successful. It’s not a lot of more awful than your standard drawcord, yet it let out more chalk than normal. Its barrel-shaped shape likewise implies that it isn’t the most straightforward pack to get your hand into, despite the fact that it’s not especially awful.

On the in addition to side, the Sukoa’s profound shape holds its structure pleasantly and makes application a snap. The materials are quality, and the pack all in all is by all accounts well-developed. The Sukoa likewise flaunts two zippered pockets, and they’re both usable. The back one ought to be sufficiently large to fit even mammoth, brand new cell phones.

Strangely, the Sukoa helped us most to remember a spending form of our Top Pick, the Arc’teryx C80. The shape isn’t exactly as pleasant, the conclusion isn’t great, and the subtleties aren’t exactly as dialed, however by and large it’s a commendable option for not exactly 33% of the cost. A few surveys whine of value control issues, however, our pack held up fine and dandy. As of this composing the Sukoa was the second least expensive in our audit, and it’s our preferred spending chalk sack by a long shot. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

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5. Yagi The Goat Chalk Bag: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

Consistent with Yagi ethos, this sack felt like a direction for living. It’s delicate and trendy, and gladly non-specialized. It doesn’t have any extravagant highlights other than a brush holder — only a basic sack and a belt. It’s enchanting.

The material is decent to deal with, and it makes the prAna sack welcoming to utilize. The drawback? “It’s simply so floppy,” said one analyzer.

This style doubtlessly boils down to individual inclination. Most of our analyzers favored a chalk sack with a little structure to make application simpler. A few climbers may lean toward a milder style, and for them, the prAna will sparkle.

The execution on the prAna pack is still superior to most: everything is well-made, the conclusion is viable, and the sack is consummately satisfactory. It simply wasn’t our first decision. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

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6. Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

“I don’t generally have a great deal to state about it,” said one analyzer of the Mojo. “It’s absolutely respectable.”

That about summarizes our sentiments on Black Diamond’s most basic sack. This is a sack that does everything all around ok, and that is about it.

The round and hollow shape is sensible however not extraordinary, the conclusion is normal, and the overflow is sufficiently wide to take care of business. It has a brush holder that works, and the fortified lower parcel appears as though it could withstand some maltreatment. A zippered pocket appears as though it could possibly hold a topo.

This pack feels like a conceivable standard against which different sacks can be estimated. That is not actually a terrible thing, yet it’s not extraordinary either.

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7. Metolius Access Fund Destination Chalk Bag: (Chalk Bags for Climber)

This is another standard pack, however with a couple of minor eccentricities.

By and large, the structure is genuinely first-rate, and the pack appears to be well-created and sturdy. The materials are astounding, and chalk sticks pleasantly to the inside downy.

Shockingly, things are ruined by the opening. The overflow isn’t sufficiently unbending to remain open reliably, and it can make getting your hand inside somewhat troublesome. “The manner in which it sits on you is somewhat abnormal,” said one analyzer. The round and hollow shape is not terrible, but not great either, and this chalk sack, for the most part, didn’t do an excessive amount to intrigue us.

It’s not dreadful, however, it’s not extraordinary. The Metolius is on the less expensive finish of the range, however in case you’re hoping to spare some money we prescribe the Sukoa sack. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

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8. two Ogres Basique v2 Climbing Chalk Bag:

Each analyzer was dumbfounded that an organization could figure out how to so seriously botch an item as basic as a chalk pack. As of this composing the Two Ogres pack is the least expensive in our test, yet this is a sack you couldn’t pay me to utilize.

I guess it’s conceivable that our sack was just a failure since a lot of Amazon analysts appear to appreciate the Two Ogres. In any case, the pack we got bombed in about each possible way. The pack itself is inadequately molded, and the overflow is lopsided. There isn’t sufficient space to hold huge amounts of chalk, nor is there enough inside wool to enable chalk to stick to the dividers. The pocket is little enough that it’s scarcely usable. Nothing is such simple to utilize — including, for goodness’ sake, the belt, which is an absolute torment in the *** to change.

Generally stunning of all, in any case, was the conclusion. We pulled, goaded, and pushed each way we could envision, however regardless of what we did, just 50% of the drawstring conclusion would move. Thus, the chalk pack never at any point verged on shutting and was for all time at any rate mostly open. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

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9. Valley Climbing Chalk Bag:

The chalk is terrible. It doesn’t help with grip and caused my hands to burn and my fingers to crack. I have since switched to a higher quality chalk and have not to experience the burning or cracking and I was able to climb a grade higher on my first attempt when using different chalk due to the aid in grip.

The bag is good enough. The zipper pouches are convenient for small items such as keys and you can even fit a Phone in it. Closure at the top doesn’t close perfect tight so some times a tiny amount of loose chalk puffs out the top when I move it and the top is closed. The belt feels really cheap, but I don’t use it only for indoor bouldering and leave my bag on the ground between climbs. The outer materials of the bag seem like they are durable and the zippers are OK quality. I’ll continue to use the bag and the reusable chalk ball that came with it, but I already threw out all the original chalk. (Chalk Bags for Climber)

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10. Drawstring Highend Rock Climbing Chalk Bag:

Can’t speak for the durability as I just received this item. It’s made from quite stiff nylon, might soften up with time. The inside is a glossy material as opposed to fluffy stuff that you usually find in chalk bags. Not sure what I think about that yet. It is also larger than the average chalk bag, which is great for us that don’t have baby-sized hands. The pockets are good for a phone, keys, etc.

Large main compartment for chalk to accommodate big hands. Spend more time maneuvering through difficult spots, not struggling out of tiny chalk bag pockets. They’re a great rock climbing chalk bag, bouldering chalk, or as gym weight lifting chalk.

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Here you find the best chalk bags for every climber. But We recommend you two best chalk bags

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